The SAMSOG Education Foundation (SAMSEF) was established by The Surveying and Mapping Society of GA (SAMSOG) to provide a tax deductible mechanism for donations of money and other gifts to support education for the land surveying profession in GA. The SAMSOG Education Foundation is an approved 501c3 foundation and is directly managed by a board of trustees that are also members of the Surveying and Mapping Society of GA. Your contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible and will go directly to assist students and education programs related to land surveying in Georgia.

SAMSEF manages and operates the Ben W. Fortson scholarship for bachelor degree seeking land surveying students throughout the state. With a balance of nearly $225,000.00, this scholarship fund has assisted well over 100 land surveying students with financial scholarships in recent years.   The fund now supports one student per year with a $ 3,000.00 annual scholarship.

SAMSEF also operates five "flow-through" regional scholarships.   These scholarships are supported by donations from 15 companies and/or individuals throughout the state.   Using these donations, the Foundation provides five $ 3,000.00 scholarships per year to degree seeking land surveying students that endeavor to have or further a career in land surveying

SAMSEF also operates the SAMSEF Technical Scholarship, established to financially assist students pursuing education in the land surveying profession but are not enrolled in a formal associate's or bachelor's degree.  This scholarship assists 6 students per semester with $ 250.00 scholarships and is funded each year by our annual SAMSEF raffle.

SAMSEF also provides assistance to education programs throughout the state through financial and other types of donations.

The Foundation strives to assist the land surveying industry by publicizing the profession of land surveying to students and others that may be interested in starting a land surveying career.

A 501c3 Charitable OrganizationOperated by the Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia
P.O. Box 778
Douglasville, GA. 30133
(770) 947-1767