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Survey Pro raw file 1 M. Davis Did anyone ever help you out on this? I do the same thing to an RW5 (convert to "old-school" cgr file before reducing. Give a call. 678-859-0035
by R. Howard
Sunday, October 23, 2016
House Bill 1004 1 D. Yawn Ginger has put a link to the proposed replacement legislation on the SAMSOG home page. This is the draft that will be presented to Rep. Jasperse to submit at the start of the new session. We have support from the Association of County Commissioners, The Association that represents the cities, the Clerk's Cooperative, and unanimous support from the State Board of Engineers and Surveyors.I would like to thank all members that spent a tremendous amount of time on this draft legislation.For those who have not kept themselves familiar with the situation. The State Board and the State Attorney General have gone on record that they will not enforce the provisions of HB 1004 when it becomes law on January 1, 2017. There are several provisions that we can comply with and should comply with if not now then after 1/1/17. For instance the 3 inch square blank space at the upper left hand corner of all drawings so the clerk can/could insert the recording information in the same place by all counties - I deal with such stupid municipalities - I will probably note on any drawings specifically prepared for recording by drawing the box and putting a note underneath as reserved for the exclusive use of the Clerk of the Superior Court - or the county will put a stamp in it.I will try to get a position paper approved by the committee appointed by Phillip Roberts on what provisions of HB 1004 that we need to be in compliance with after 1/1/17 until we can get the new legislation passed.In response to the original post that was placed months prior to all that has occurred with the replacement legislation, Certification # 3 in the proposed draft legislation will be on most of your regular plats of survey of normal every day survey work. This gives your client the right to record the drawing should he desire. For those of you still pondering this, there is only one class of survey and we must be in compliance with the "Plat Act" even if it is not the surveyor's intent to have the drawing recorded in the Clerk's office.
by V. Gaddy
Friday, October 14, 2016
W.P. Bingham LS # 1151 2 M. Lincoln Patterson and Dewar acquired Bingham and Associates after Bill's death. Bryant Kachel (770) 453-1410 is the only person at their office they might have a clue about Bill's old records.
by V. Gaddy
Friday, October 14, 2016
Jekyl Summer Meeting 0 S. Coleman Although I did not attend all the meetings or the banquet, I did attend all the classes offered and thought everything went very well.  The topics were interesting and informative, the speakers were good, and the venue was top notch.  My wife was with me and we enjoyed a little time away from the day to day grind.  For the last few years our family vacation conflicted with the summer meeting but it worked out great this year.  Thank you to our leadership and Ginger for doing a great job.
by S. Coleman
Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Residential Site Plans in Atlanta 0 M. Paulk We get quite a few calls to do residential site plans in the City of Atlanta and would like to have two or three firms to refer these calls to.  It is my understanding that they can be done by a surveyor.   If you are good at doing these site plans and want me to hand out your number then email me at with your contact info.  Thanks,
by M. Paulk
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Office of County Surveyor--2 0 Farris Cadle, Inc.            I’ve been asked to enhance the article/editorial about the office of county surveyor that I submitted under the date June 14 below and submit it for the Georgia Land Surveyor.  If any of you have anecdotes about experiences you’ve had with the office of county surveyor that shed light on the nature of the office that you are willing to share, please send them to me for possible inclusion.  For the most part the article will generalize and will not need to name sources.  However, you may specify whether you care about being named as a source, or would like to remain anonymous, and I will respect that.   If you do not wish to put things in writing, you may call, any time.           As part of this, I thought it would be interesting to find out how many counties and which counties presently have county surveyors.  Below is an alphabetical list of the counties and the office holder in each.  I obtained this from the Secretary of State Elections Division web site.  The information is not up to date.  I asked the Elections Division how I might obtain current information and was informed I would need to check with the elections commissioner in each county.  If any of you know of updates to the list below, please let me know.   Thanks. Farris Cadle 912-398-5202   Appling--Merlin Jerry Tomberlin, Jr. Atkinson--Claude White Bacon--Everett Tomberlin Baker--vacant Baldwin--James 'J. E.' Smith Banks--Andrew 'Andy' Jordan Barrow--vacant Bartow--Daniel T. Baker Ben Hill--Darrell Weeks Berrien--John Hogan Bibb--vacant Bleckley--T. Jerry Peacock, Sr. Brantley--Harry Strickland Brooks--Ben DeVane Bryan--vacant Bulloch--John A. Dotson Burke--vacant Butts--Andy Williams Calhoun--vacant Camden--Ben Brandon, Jr. Candler--George William Donaldson Carroll--Michael E. Crawford Catoosa--vacant Charlton--vacant Chatham--vacant Chattahoochee--vacant Chattooga--vacant Cherokee--Ron R. Wikle, Jr. Athens-Clarke--vacant Clay--vacant Clayton--vacant Clinch--Kerry Tomlinson Cobb--Donald Perryman Coffee--Francis Fountain Colquitt--vacant Columbia--vacant Cook--vacant Coweta--Chris Robertson Crawford--Charles W. Aultman Crisp--Billy Raines Dade--vacant Dawson--Don C. Jones Decatur--vacant DeKalb--vacant Dodge--vacant Dooly--vacant Dougherty--vacant Douglas--vacant Early--Grady Lodge Holman Echols--vacant Effingham--vacant Elbert--vacant Emanuel--vacant Evans--Timothy 'Tim' W. Eason, Sr. Fannin--Shelly Bishop Fayette--vacant Floyd--Johnny Stewart Forsyth--vacant Franklin--vacant Fulton--Bill Daniels Gilmer--Mark Chastain Glascock--vacant Glynn--Robert Shupe Gordon--vacant Grady--vacant Greene--vacant Gwinnett--vacant Habersham--vacant Hall--Jason Lourie Hancock--vacant Haralson--Gregory Dewberry Harris--vacant Hart--Dean Teasley Heard--vacant Henry--Wayne Powers Houston--vacant Irwin--Rhett Royal Jackson--Kyle Wood Venable Jasper--Linda Jordan Jeff Davis--vacant Jefferson--vacant Jenkins--vacant Johnson--Joe Jordan Jones--vacant Lamar--James Butler Lanier--vacant Laurens--vacant Lee--vacant Liberty--vacant Lincoln--Robert 'Chigger' F. Wilkes Long--vacant Lowndes--Robin Harris Lumpkin--John Gaston McDuffie--vacant McIntosh--vacant Macon--vacant Madison--James R. Smith Marion--vacant Meriwether--vacant Miller--vacant Mitchell--vacant Monroe--Hugh W. Mercer, Jr. Montgomery--vacant Morgan--ABE-JD Woods Surveying Murray--James S. Wilson Columbus-Muscogee--vacant Newton--vacant Oconee--vacant Oglethorpe--vacant Paulding--Carlton Rakestraw, Jr. Peach--vacant Pickens--vacant Pierce--Stephen Duncan Pike--vacant Polk--W. Vann Angel Pulaski--Olin McLeod Putnam--vacant Quitman--vacant Rabun--jonathan Rolander Randolph--Bryson H. Langford, Jr. Augusta-Richmond--vacant Rockdale--vacant Schley--vacant Screven--vacant Seminole--vacant Spalding--vacant Stephens--vacant Stewart--Jimmy French Sumter--vacant Talbot--vacant Taliaferro--vacant Tattnall--vacant Taylor--Michael H. Smith Telfair--Grady Boney Terrell--vacant Thomas--vacant Tift--vacant Toombs--vacant Towns--vacant Treutlen--vacant Troup--vacant Turner--vacant Twiggs--vacant Union--James L. Alexander Upson--vacant Walker--Charles D. Wardlaw Walton--Gerald T. Batchelor Ware--vacant Warren--vacant Washington--vacant Wayne--Charles Johnson Webster--vacant Wheeler--vacant White--Eddie Hood Whitfield--Joseph R. Evans Wilcox--vacant Wilkes--Jack Edward Newsome Wilkinson--Donnie Brooks Worth--Roger Medders          
by Farris Cadle, Inc.
Thursday, August 4, 2016
Staff Compass and Accessories Wanted 1 T. Turk Herbert Orr has a ton of old surveying equipment - 478.986.6747
by M. Davis
Saturday, July 30, 2016
Ballard's Cadastral Map of Glynn County 0 Farris Cadle, Inc.           In 1910 the Glynn County Commissioners hired Nathaniel H. Ballard to survey and compile a cadastral map of the county, to show every parcel of land of any size and other features in the county.  Ballard completed the map in 1912.  Years ago there was a carpet-size copy of Ballard’s map hanging on the wall behind plexiglas in the tax assessor's office in the basement of the old Glynn County courthouse.  I don’t know if this was the original or a copy.  It was faded to the point of almost complete illegibility.  No one in the courthouse seems to know where it is now.  There are two reduced facsimile versions of Ballard’s map.  One is:   Glynn County Georgia Reduced Facsimile of the Ballard Map of 1912 and U. S. Eng. Dept. Data Presented to Mrs. James E. Hays, Georgia State Historian Rhodes Memorial Hall, Atlanta by Carl G. Vretman Atlanta, Ga. Sept. 23, 1941.             Copies of the above are in the Georgia Archives and in the map drawer in the Special Collections in the Brunswick Public Library.  The other reduced facsimile version, which varies somewhat, is online at           There is a book in the Glynn County record room that has this title: “Map of Glynn County 1911 by W. A. Ballard.”  This contains general and incomplete cadastral sketch maps of most of the county.  The sketch maps show property lines and contain some brief notations about ownership.           Apparently none of the above versions of Ballard’s map show all the detail that was on the original.  I’m wondering if anyone knows where Ballard’s original map, or a copy of it, is?  Thanks.
by Farris Cadle, Inc.
Friday, June 24, 2016
New recording rules? 6 S. Coleman How about a law stating that if a deed or plat is illegible the Clerk of Court has 24 hours to provide the original for a surveyor or risk a civil fine?
by L. Brown
Monday, June 20, 2016
Office of County Surveyor 3 Farris Cadle, Inc.           The notion that there are certain functions that only county surveyors can perform needs to be buried into oblivion because it is unfounded.  This has been discussed previously on this Message Board.  The office of county surveyor was created by the Georgia headright act of 1783.  That act was the basic act under which all headright land grants were issued by the state, and it was in effect until 1909.  By its terms it created the office of county surveyor for the purpose of getting lands surveyed for issuing grants.  It listed no other functions for the county surveyor.  In the succeeding years, a few additional functions for the county surveyor were tacked on by legislative acts.  These were codified in the Code of 1863.           For each of the duties the Code of 1863 prescribed for county surveyors to perform, there was also a provision in that code and in later codes that if there was no county surveyor “any competent person” could perform the job.  After the licensing provisions were enacted, beginning in the 1930s, that law was amended to provide that if there was no county surveyor, any licensed surveyor could perform the enumerated functions of the county surveyor.  The present provision is in Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 36-7-13: "When there is no county surveyor, any person who is a citizen of this state and who holds a current and valid certificate of registration as a land surveyor issued by the State Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors may perform the duties of county surveyor, when specifically required or appointed to do so, if first sworn to do the same faithfully and impartially."           Since the repeal of the headright land grant laws in 1909, there does not need to be a person with the title of "county surveyor" to act in any capacity; and as noted above, the county surveyor has practically no duties to perform under any circumstances.  In the Savannah Morning News article cited above, Bert Barrett is quoted as saying in his almost 30 years as Chatham County surveyor he had done only one job for the county, for which he charged $250.  He could have just as well performed that job without the title of “county surveyor.”  I worked for a licensed surveyor one time who was incidentally the county surveyor.  We NEVER received any requests to do work because of his position as county surveyor.  In the nearly 40 years experience I’ve had dealing with land issues, and in reviewing numerous courthouse records on the matter, it is obvious that when persons need a job performed that falls under the enumerated duties of the county surveyor, they simply pick whoever they feel is competent to do the job and without regard to whether the person they pick is the county surveyor--and this is perfectly legal.           Incidentally, the Savannah Morning News article cited above stated that the proposed bill would abolish the office of county surveyor in Chatham County.  It did not really do that.  It changed the office to a position to be appointed by the county commissioners.  This has been done for a number of counties, including Jones County.  So the office just won't die.  Presumably, and hopefully, the county commissioners will not appoint anyone to fill the office.          
by Farris Cadle, Inc.
Tuesday, June 14, 2016
MEMBERSHIP DUES 0 D. Olson TO ALL MEMBERS: Your membership will expire at the end of the month. Please remember to re-new your membership by June 30, 2016.  Thanks, Dean
by D. Olson
Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Surveyors Project Management Software? 0 T. Hoynes What are y'all using out there for PM software? Just looked up GeoAmps "PlatAmps" and they wanted $2,000 per month for it... Our firm used to use infoRetreiver years ago but looking at their website it looks like... years ago software... (looks like still on W-95). Plus they have no app integration.    /r Chip
by T. Hoynes
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Riley, Park, Hayden & Associates aerial photo-sheet index??? 0 W. Hand Anyone know if this group is still in existence or has merged with another company? This company provided the aerial photo sheet index for our tax maps in Berrien and Lanier county back in the late 80's and early 90's. The copies on the wall are fading fast at the clerk of court/tax assessors office and Id sure like to get my hands on a legible copy.
by W. Hand
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Stolen Equipment - Henry County 3 J. Higgins Sounds like someone has everything needed to start a survey operation. Just like they knew what they were looking for.
by L. Brown
Monday, April 11, 2016
Hydrology Portion of the State Test 2 L. Brown I took it a few months ago and passed thankfully (prob. the most stressful of the exams for me). Do not go into this exam hoping that there are more BMP/Stormwater Prevention type problems. You will find yourself lost in the middle of the exam and only able to answer questions pertaining to the green book which won't get you a passing score.  I do not want to give away to many details so I will say that from PSI's information packet about the Hydrology exam the following is listed.... CONTENT OUTLINE Subject Area % of Items DETERMINING RUNOFF CALCULATIONS 25% PIPE SIZING [STORM & SANITARY SEWERS] 20% STREET AND SITE GRADING 20% SEWER PROFILING 5% OPEN CHANNEL DESIGN [CALCULATIONS, FLOW] 10% EROSION CONTROL 15% DESIGN OF WATER DISTRIBUTION 5% That being said one of the best studying books I found was the "Introduction to Hydraulics and Hydrology with Applications for Stormwater Management" 3rd edition  by Gribbin. I used this like mad studying and working the problems to make sure I understood how to handle drainage networks, circular pipe flows, and open channel flow.   I also printed out some drainage networks that our civil engineers had done and manually did them to compare and ask questions about. The more practice problems you get the better off you are.  Hope this helps as most advice I was given was from older surveyors who had taken the exam longer ago and I can tell you this exam is way different than the old one. Be prepared  to use your calculator its not to bad as long as you prepare yourself. I unfortunately took it twice and was not prepared the first time at all.  
by D. Youngblood
Wednesday, February 17, 2016
NEW ALTA/NSPS STANDARDS 0 D. Olson New ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Standards will take affect on February 23, 2016.
by D. Olson
Friday, February 12, 2016
Records of A.O. (Alonso) Carlisle 0 T. Turk Howdy SAMSOG friends - do any of you know where Alonzo Carlyle's records are?  Any input appreciated - just email me at
by T. Turk
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Stolen Equipment 0 J. Green Yesterday afternoon in Riverdale, a van belonging to a local firm was broken into and a Topcon robotic instrument was stolen. I will post more when I get the information.
by J. Green
Thursday, January 7, 2016
SAMSOG's 2016 Plat Contest 1 R. Purcell Just a Reminder that plats are due on January 3rd!!!! Please send those plats as soon as possible!!! Thanks: Roger Purcell
by R. Purcell
Tuesday, December 29, 2015
Records or contact of William Charles Ellis LS 2450 0 T. Peay I am looking for contact information or records for Mr. William Charles Ellis (LS 2450).  Thanks in advance for any help.  Thomas E. Peay III 678-355-9905
by T. Peay
Monday, September 28, 2015
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