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New Surveying-Geomatics Program at Georgia Southern University 4 R. Purcell That's great! My son graduates high school in the spring and he is excited that Kennesaw isn't his only option now if he decides to follow in my foot steps.
by A. Tomberlin
Monday, June 19, 2017
Topographic surveys outside of licensure 5 S. Johnson           If a topo is part of a boundary survey, then, of course, it falls within the scope of the practice of land surveying.  However, what about companies that do topographic mapping from aerial photogrammetry and satellite imagery?  What about situations in which local ordinances require a certain minimum ground elevation for houses and structures to be built on; so a building contractor who is employed to build a house on a lot that has to be filled in to meet the minimum elevation requirement uses a level to determine the existing elevation and how much fill needs to be added to meet the required elevation, and later checks the fill with a level to make sure it is of sufficient height?  What about a grading contractor being employed to build a pond and using a level to determine the height and width of the dam to be built, and, after the construction, checks the work with a level and other instruments to make sure it is constructed to the standards?  What about a farmer who has a grading contractor to design and construct terraces in a field?           I don't think it is practical or desirable to limit topographic work to licensed surveyors as long as property boundaries are not involved.  What can happen is for the State Board to have certain high standards for topographic surveys (which it does).  If a land owner wants a topographic survey done that meets those standards, he or she can hire a licensed surveyor to do the work, and the surveyor will certify that the work conforms to the State Board standards.  Otherwise, if lower standards are acceptable for the purpose of the work, the landowner can have anyone of his or her choosing to do the work, and the landowner may not have complete assurance that the work meets even those lower standards.    
by Farris Cadle, Inc.
Friday, June 16, 2017
Samuel G. Evans,Jr. 0 S. Shepherd This is to let everyone know that Samuel G. Evans, Jr. , RLS 1159,passed on Wednesday , May 31. Sam was also a Civil Engineer and has a son, Lovick Evans. that is a RLS and PE. There is a Visitation today and Memorial Service tomorrow at 11AM,, Northside Chapel in Roswell.
by S. Shepherd
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Records of C. Sam Davis 0 D. May Anyone know who has the records of C. Sam Davis? Thanks, David
by D. May
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Records of Milton Lemon 1 D. May He is still in business. Construction Engineering Associates. He mailed a copy of the plat we needed.
by D. May
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Mule Bone? 5 M. Lincoln Does this plat by Terrell J. Cash otherwise conform to the technical standards?  I have, on occasion, seen recorded plats or drawings signed and sealed by Georgia registered engineers and landscape architects who were not registered surveyors, and recorded plats in Georgia that depicted land in Georgia that were signed and sealed by people licensed in other states but not in Georgia.  Does the seal and other information on this plat specifically indicate he is a Georgia registered surveyor?  What is his address as given on the plat?  Have you seen other plats with this person's name on them?  If this plat is illegal or fraudulent, you might also notify the landowner, the attorney who prepared deeds based on it, and the clerk of court.
by Farris Cadle, Inc.
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Records of W.E. Clonts 0 M. Lincoln Does anyone know where I might find the records of W.E. Clonts LS 2166? Thanks in advance.
by M. Lincoln
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Residential Survey Needs 0 T. Jones   Gentleman;  Our firm is being call multiple times per week  to perform residential surveys and residential survey type task like, locate pins, stake property lines for fence, or small boundary and topographic surveys for renovation or additions.  Unfortunately we don't have the capacity with our current work to be able to respond to these people.  I hate that but it is true. I do call back most of them but I dont have a lot of options or knowledge of who can do this type of work. I would like to refer these calls to Surveyors who want and are able to do this type of work.  If you want me to refer calls to you when we get them please email me your name and contact info and I will send them your way.  My email is Thanks Tate
by T. Jones
Wednesday, May 3, 2017
HB 76 2 M. Lincoln House Bill 76 (Sub) was pasted out of the Senate and went back to the House yesterday where it was passed out. It is now headed to the Governor's desk for signing.
by K. Kilby
Friday, March 31, 2017
Trimble S6 Stolen 1 C. Adams We also had one stolen a few months ago in McDonough. There is obviously a group of thieves targeting these instruments. Our truck was followed to a ChikFilA and broken into while the employee was inside eating. In broad daylight. Be careful anywhere south of airport. We found ours for sale on Ebay - but insurance had already replaced it.
by T. Turk
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Trimble 5700 GPS Stolen Clayton County 0 B. Toole   March 6, 2017 Our truck was broken into on US Hwy 41 near North Main Street in Clayton County, just south of Morrow. Just wanted everyone to know if you're approached with a 5700 Trimble for sale it may be stolen. It's old, but still great for burning an OPUS point. Please contact me if it pops up! Thanks! Barry Toole 706-829-8304
by B. Toole
Monday, March 6, 2017
2017 Technical Seminar 2 D. Collins It was a very good technical seminar to all of the sitting State SAMSOG officers, committee chairman and especially Ginger I appreciate everything you do to make this the best professional support organization in the state.V/rChad W. Carpenter, RLSSAMSOG Muscogee Chapter Rep
by C. Carpenter
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Four-year degree 12 M. Lincoln I agree education is important in our profession. I could probably get behind an associates degree requirement in math with the 15 hours of surveying included. If we make a four year degree requirement I believe it would be a mistake. Students would pretty much have a degree in civil engineering after 4 years. Then they would need to work for at least 4 years starting as a rodman digging up pins and cutting line. That is the only way to learn land surveying. I believe we could solve a lot of the problems in surveying if the RLS would go in the field more and stop sending field crews to do surveys that are distance measurers and don't understand the nuances of our great profession. What good will it be if we mandate a bachelors degree and the field work continues to be done by everybody but the graduate?
by A. Tomberlin
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Horlbeck and Associates 0 T. Pruitt, Jr. Does anyone know where the records of Horlbeck and Associates can be found?
by T. Pruitt, Jr.
Friday, February 10, 2017
Records of John F. Brewer LS 2115 3 M. Lincoln Thanks
by M. Lincoln
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
How to file a plat with your Clerk's office from your computer 0 S. Coleman The following is from my experience in recording a plat in Monroe County earlier this week.  I made sure I followed the suggestions of SAMSOG shown on the sample plat, reviewed the new Plat Act and proposed rules from the board, and then had the county sign the plat  that approval was not required in this particular case. To get set up to record plats from your computer with a county Superior Court Clerk: 1) Go to and sign in (or open an account); click on "File", then "Efiling", then "eFile Portal". 2) At the eFile portal screen, go to "Start Here" to register for an account for efiling. 3) After registering, go to menu item labeled "Support" and click on "Associate Participant ID" and read the instructions.  You have to register again to get a "Participant ID" which allows you to file a plat.  (I signed up as a "Trusted User"). 4) After you have your Participant ID, you are ready to record a plat. To Record a Plat: 1) Go to the "eFile Portal" and sign in. 2) Click on "Filings" then on "New Filing" to begin 3) Follow the instructions to upload your plat and pay the fees; plat will be sent to the Clerk of that county to review. 4) You will receive an email that the plat is under review, when the clerk approves your plat for recording, you will receive an email stating your plat was accepted and the Plat Book and Page it was recorded in. You're done! I hope I have outlined the procedure correctly, but I'm sure if I have something wrong that you can figure it out.  If I did it from scratch I know anyone else can. 
by S. Coleman
Friday, January 6, 2017
Question regarding new plat recording rules 2 S. Coleman Based on our correspondence with local clerk's office, no paper copies will be required except as necessary to get local approval from P&Z, health department, et cetera. The recording information will be placed on the plat in the 3"x 3" box by the clerk electronically after we record the plat through the e-file portal.The onerous part of this new rule is the requirement that we, as surveyors, first determine what local approvals are required and get them placed on the plat (or get signatures stating that approvals are not required, which is the exact same thing). Our work to put documents on record is going to triple. When we try to recover our costs from clients, many of them will decide not to have their plats recorded. The new rules have probably reduced the number of plats that will be put on record by 50%. Get ready to see a huge increase in deeds with long written legal descriptions and a reduction of the publicly-available information regarding property transactions.
by R. Jordan
Thursday, January 5, 2017
The deadline for 2017 Plat Contest Entries is Coming!!!! 0 R. Purcell Plat Contest Entries are due on Sunday, January 1st!!!!   Just a Reminder that plats are due on January 1st, 2017. Please send me your plats!!! Thanks: Dr. Roger C. Purcell, P.E., R.L.S. Plat Contest Committee Chairman Georgia Southern University Civil Engineering & Construction Management Department P.O. Box 8077 Statesboro, GA 30460  email: (Note: My email has changed!) Shipping Address: Engineering Building, Rm 1120A 201 COBA Drive, BLDG 232 Statesboro, GA 30458
by R. Purcell
Monday, December 19, 2016
Stolen Equipment in Henry County 0 T. Peay One of our crews had a total station and data collector stolen today. The theft took place in the subdivision The Villages of Walnut Creek off of Jonesboro Road in Henry. They broke the passenger side window of a work truck and took the equipment in under 10 minutes.   Items Stolen:   Item________________________Description_______________Serial_____   S6 Total Station S6332200 3" Dr300 2.rGhz 92711460   Trimble Tsc2 Survey Controller Data Collector SS18A10786  
by T. Peay
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
2017 SAMSOG Plat Contest 0 R. Purcell SURVEYING AND MAPPING SOCIETY OF GEORGIA 2017 Annual Plat and Mapping Competition It’s that time again! We need your best plats! SAMSOG’s entries in 2016 were outstanding and again we had some national winners! Look at the names of the winners given below. We want to see your name as a winner in 2017. 2016 SAMSOG Plat Contest Winners  ALTA Plats 1st Place: Lewis R Shelton                                       2nd Place: Lara Crowe LRS Surveying                                                             R W Howard Surveying, Inc. Cartersville, GA                                                            Jasper, GA                                                                                            Boundary Plats 1st Place: Jason Woods                                           2nd Place: Abraham M. White Planners & Engineers Collaborative                       Accura Engineering, Inc.  Peachtree Corners, GA                                             Atlanta, GA          Topographical Plats 1st Place: Abraham M. White                                   2nd Place: Russell Howard Accura Engineering, Inc.                                            R W Howard Surveying, Inc. Atlanta, GA                                                                    Jasper, GA                 Subdivision Plats 1st Place: Russell Howard                                       2nd Place: Matthew Alexander         R W Howard Surveying, Inc.                                      Rochester & Associates, Inc. Jasper, GA                                                                     Gainesville, GA   Miscellaneous Maps 1st Place: Matthew Alexander                                 2nd Place: Lewis R Shelton Rochester & Associates, Inc.                                     LRS Surveying Gainesville, GA                                                            Cartersville, GA   GIS Maps 1st Place: Dan Crumpton                                         2nd Place: Matthew Alexander         Forest & Land Svc, Inc.                                              Rochester & Associates, Inc. Warrenton, GA                                                            Gainesville, GA           2016 NSPS National Winners Boundary Plats                                                       ALTA/ACSM Plats 1st Place: Jason Woods                                      2nd Place: Lewis R. Shelton Planners & Engineers Collaborative                   LRS Surveying         Peachtree Corners, GA                                          Cartersville, GA                                 SAMSOG’s 2017 Annual Plat and Mapping Competition This will be a juried contest.  All winning entries will be exhibited at the SAMSOG Technical Seminar in Duluth, Georgia on January 19th-20th, 2017. Map/Plat entries may be (1) Black and white (halftone/shaded) or blueline (2) Color; or (3) A high resolution JPEG or PDF.  Entrants need not be members of SAMSOG.  A member of SAMSOG must sponsor the map, plat or project under consideration and their name must be so noted on the nomination form.  The entry plat/map must have been completed after June 30, 2015 and may not have previously been entered in this contest. The entry many be freehand, machine drafted or computer aided drafted. Prizes to be awarded 1st Place $200, Admission for two to the Conference Luncheon and a Framed Certificate 2nd Place $100, Admission for one to the Conference Luncheon and a Framed Certificate Submit 6 prints for each entry with a maximum map size of 34” x 44” or email the entry form along with a high resolution PDF or JPEG (multiple entries by the same entrant can be emailed at the same time) or submit on CD-ROM if file size is too large for e-mail. (The form will be posted on the SAMSOG website.)  No multiple entries for the same category. Submissions must be a single drawing; it may originate as part of a set of drawings, however, it must be entered as a single sheet.  All entries must be received by 5pm on Sunday, January 1st, 2017.  Use one entry form per document submitted.     Download Contest Entry form. See attachment below. All entries will be judged on adherence to the minimum standards as set forth by the State of Georgia.  The judges will consider interpretability, content & layout of data shown, presentation, innovation, applicability to typical client or persons using this type of map, and correctness.  Neatness and accuracy of scale will be considered.  The decisions of the judges are final.  SAMSOG will sponsor the 1st place winners for Subdivision, Boundary, Topographical, ALTA/ACSM and Miscellaneous Categories from this competition to be entered into the national NSPS contest. (Use one entry form per document submitted.) Please send me your plats!!! Thanks: Roger Dr. Roger C. Purcell, P.E., R.L.S. Plat Contest Committee Chairman Georgia Southern University Civil Engineering & Construction Management Department P.O. Box 8077 Statesboro, GA 30460   email: (Note: My email has changed!) Shipping Address: Engineering Building, Rm 1120A 201 COBA Drive, BLDG 232 Statesboro, GA 30458
by R. Purcell
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
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