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Legal Question
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1/9/2018 at 5:02:50 AM GMT
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Legal Question
Hello all, I have question regarding the surveyor of record rules. I currently the surveyor of record for a firm. I also periodically do smaller jobs on the side. I do not advertise or solicit work, only by referrals. Is it possible for me to form an entity (LLC, Inc., etc.), other than directly with my name (i.e. Joe smith, LLC), to alleviate some of my liability? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Kris

1/27/2018 at 4:28:49 PM GMT
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I found this in the Georgia Annotated Code. I think this is saying no. If you are to have an LLC, that would have you operating at two different entities.

I hope maybe this helped,                                                                                                     Phillip

§ 43-15-23.1.(d)(3) Every firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity which performs or offers to perform surveying services shall have a resident registered land surveyor in responsible charge in each separate branch office in which surveying services are performed or offered to be performed. A resident means a registrant who spends the majority of his or her normal working time at his or her place of business. The registrant can be the resident licensee at only one place of business at one time.



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3/30/2018 at 3:51:41 PM GMT
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Well said P. Roberts, I think it's pretty plain. Like a lot of questions, all it requires is for surveyors to know the laws that regulate our profession, which we are all required to do!


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