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Stolen Equipment - Henry County
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3/31/2016 at 8:47:53 PM GMT
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Stolen Equipment - Henry County

One of our crews suffered a break in and theft while visiting the Academy Sports store in Henry County, off I-75 this afternoon around 1:30.

Thieves took:


Item                                                        description                                           Serial Number

digital camera

Lanova Laptop                                     Idea Pad T540                                     CB16900925

Leica GPS Collector                           CS15 CTR16                                        2909078

GPS Cap Leica                                    CS15 CTR16                                        506677

GPS Receiver Leica                            GS15                                                      1516387


Hot spot Verizon                                  MiFi 6620L                                            9900 0637 2253 731


Total Station Collector Leica             CS15                                                      2908523

Total Station Cap Leica                      CS15                                                      506682

Total Station Robot Leica                   TS15 3”                                                  1625189

Robot Rod SECO



Robot                                                     2                                                              10124

GPS Collector                                      2                                                              10144[2]

TS Collector                                          2                                                              10164[1] 10124[1]

4/10/2016 at 2:59:57 PM GMT
Posts: 24

          I have a general question about the theft of surveying equipment.  What kinds of persons steal such, and what do they expect to be able to do with it?  Surveying instruments are so specialized it seems the only market is surveyors and engineers.  If thieves attempt to sell such equipment to a pawn shop, the pawn shop will immediately recognize it as stolen (what would a lay person off the street be doing owning surveying equipment?); so the thieves are taking a big gamble in going that route.  If  a disreputable pawn shop takes surveying equipment, it is not likely to get much out of it because the people who buy and use surveying equipment (surveyors and engineers) do not buy their equipment from pawn shops.  Therefore, it seems it is not financially feasible for disreputable pawn shops.  Whenever equipment is stolen, word about it gets out quickly among surveyors and engineers.  The thieves might try to sell stolen equipment to surveying and engineering firms.  To do so, they would have to go from firm to firm, or advertise it.  I doubt there’s a single surveying or engineering firm that would buy it; and firms that receive such offers would report it.  Are the thieves usually opportunistic in that, in their ignorance, they see something they think they can turn into a quick buck; but once they get it, they find they can’t do anything with it?

          Whenever any of you have experience with stolen surveying equipment, maybe you can fill us in in detail about the circumstances of the theft; and, if the equipment is recovered, how that was accomplished.  This can enable all of us to better protect our equipment.

Farris Cadle

4/11/2016 at 11:38:35 AM GMT
Posts: 10
I can't help but think that the thieves would much rather have grabbed a few boxes of common tools that could be quickly turned to cash. While getting replacement costs, one local dealer told me that he knew of an instrument stolen in the US and recovered in Australia when the new owners had it serviced.

The equipment was lost in a North Henry County Academy sports store parking lot, in the middle of the day. From the video Academy shared, the break in was completed in under 3 minutes.

4/11/2016 at 6:38:45 PM GMT
Posts: 16
Sounds like someone has everything needed to start a survey operation. Just like they knew what they were looking for.

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