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Proposed Constitution Amendment
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At the March 22, 2011 meeting of the Board of Directors a motion was made and approved to change the tenure of SAMSOG Officers to a two year term. It has been the experience of most Past Presidents; a year is not enough time to accomplish their goals.
Appointed by the President, I and my fellow committee members were asked to study and recommend the tenure change. Our proposal: To elect the President and Vice-President to two year terms on odd numbered years and eliminate the President-Elect position. The Secretary and/or Treasurer currently serve two year terms elected on even numbered years. 
Implementation requires an amendment to the Constitution. The process is outlined in Article VIII of the Constitution therefore this notice serves as “proper notification” and a ballot will be mailed to all voting members by May 25th. Please read the proposed changes to Article V- Officers shown below.
Your attention to this matter and prompt response when you receive your ballot is appreciated.
Respectively submitted by,
Bobby Shupe 
Constitution and By-Laws Committee
  ARTICLE V. Officers
            Section 1. The corporate membership of the Society shall elect the following officers:
A.    Odd-numbered years:
                        (1) President
        (2) Vice President
B.     Even-numbered years:
        (1) Secretary
        (2) Treasurer
C.     Tri-annually beginning in 1992 (1) National Representative.
Section 2. The President shall be the principal officer of the Society, and
with the Board shall have general supervision of the Society’s affairs and shall guide its functions.
Section 3. The Vice President shall serve as special assistant to the President, acquaint themselves with the goals of the Society and the administration of its regular business and shall act for the President in his absence or by his direction.
          Section 4. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Society and its Board, and he shall conduct the correspondence and keep full record of the Society’s business.
          Section 5. The Treasurer shall be the fiscal officer of the Society and he shall be the custodian of all funds.
          Section 6. The office of Treasurer and the office of secretary may be held by one individual at the same time.


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