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2010 October Minutes
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Saturday, October 2, 2010
Donaldson, Garrett and Associates, Macon, Georgia
PRESENT: Executive Committee: Jim Anderson, Dale Yawn, Tren Baker, Lonnie Sears, and Robert Armstrong. Excused: Ed Cowherd.
Directors: Gary Witherington, John Roeser, Phillip O. Brown, Jimmy Green, Teeple Hill, and Al Vedder. Excused: Cathy Costarides, Dean Olson, Trent Turk, and Josh Lewis, III. 
Chapter Representatives: Roger London proxy for Dwight Kilby, Bert Barrett, Jr. proxy for Craig Brewer, Tren Baker proxy for Vonny Blanton, and Dewayne Fulton proxy for Robert Brooks, Frank Gaddy, Tommie Donaldson, Joe Baker, Dan Mahan, Phillip Roberts, Keith Jones, and Joey Brock. Excused: Lane Bishop and Gary Nevill.  Absent:  Alfred Bellew and Stacy Carroll.
With 21 voting members present, a quorum was declared and the meeting began at 9:00 a.m. 
First time attendees: Joe Baker – Etowah Chapter Rep, Keith Jones – Southern Crescent Chapter Rep, Roger London – Appalachia Chapter and Don Hutchins – Etowah Chapter.
July 17, 2010 minutes were approved with three corrections:  An informal vote was taken regarding NSPS separating from ACSM – the majority (22), were in favor of NSPS KEEPING its ACSM affiliation. Appalachia Chapter is working on the Bean Creek project – not Bear Creek and Andy Camp expressed an interest in working on the Plat and Mapping Contest – not GPS Committee.  Follow up to the Clerk of Courts Advisory Council, Steve Neff was directed to contact Mike Holliman obtaining a seat on the council for a SAMSOG representative.   Financial reports were approved as presented. The 2010 – 2011 Budget was cut 17% and approved with no additional changes. Over the last 4 years the budget has been cut 40%. The shortfall for 2009 – 2010 was approximately $20,000.
National Representative’s Report: Robert Armstrong will be attending the NSPS/ACSM meeting in Orlando next month. He has not received any comments regarding NSPS/ACSM separation. When asked his opinion, Robert said he thinks separating will strengthen the RLS voice. Currently RLS’s make up 95% of the membership and only have 30% of the vote; he would like to see the BOD restructured but will vote based on SAMSOG’s desires, not his own.   Robert would like the Georgia Land Surveyor entered in the National Competition and will investigate the process. Robert made a motion to allow him to nominate Ben Devane for the NSPS Excellence in Surveying Award; unanimously approved. PBS Special “Spotlight On …” featuring Surveying has not been broadcast yet; he will keep SAMSOG informed. 
Annual Meeting – Dale Yawn reported the 2011 Annual Meeting and Summer Conference will be July 21st -23rd, 2011 at the DeSoto Hilton in Savannah.
Education – Lonnie Sears encouraged attendees to register for the Geospatial Conference Oct. 19-21 at the UGA conference center in Athens. There was much discussion regarding GIS versus traditional ALTA surveying.  
Interprofessional Cooperation –John Roeser reported SAMSOG will be hosting lunch for those sitting for the RLS exam later this month. He and Josh Lewis, III will represent SAMSOG. The BOR Administrative Privatization Coalition has not met since May.
Council of Past Presidents – No report.
Legislative Committee – Steve Neff recapped the 2010 Legislative Session (report is posted on the website). 
A.       BOR Privatization – the SAMSOG/Engineering Coalition plan to reintroduce the bill during 2011 session. Ben Harbin will carry the bill. Again, SAMSOG is supporting the Engineers efforts to pass this legislation.
B.      Education Bill – Last week Tom Hurley asked the 4 Year Degree requirement or RLS Education bill be put on the BOD agenda. The bill would require an RLS to have a 4 year degree plus field experience as mandated by law. Discussion ensued regarding submitting more than one bill during the 2011 session. Steve reported it
as not uncommon and pointed out this is the beginning of a two year cycle so if it did not pass this year, it would have the same bill number for 2012. Tom Hurley pointed out the bill has passed the both the Senate and House twice but was vetoed by the Governor. Georgia will have a new Governor however, Steve cautioned SAMSOG needs be united in its intent. A motion to submit the BOR Privatization AND 4 Year Degree bill was made by Joe Baker and a roll call vote was taken: President Elect, Jim Anderson – YAY, Vice President, Dale Yawn – YAY, Secretary-Treasurer, Tren Baker – YAY, National Governor, Robert Armstrong – YAY, Immediate Past President, Lonnie Sears – YAY; DIRECTORS: Gary Witherington – YAY, John Roeser – YAY, Phillip O. Brown – YAY, Jimmy Green – YAY, Teeple Hill – YAY, and Al Vedder – YAY; CHAPTER REPRESENTATIVES: Appalachia Chapter, Roger London – YAY, Atlanta Chapter, Frank Gaddy – YAY, Central Chapter, Tommie Donaldson – YAY, Coastal Chapter, Bert Barrett, Jr. – YAY, Etowah Chapter, Joe Baker – YAY, Gwinnett Chapter, Dan Mahan – YAY, Northwest Chapter by proxy, Tren Baker – YAY, South Central Chapter, Phillip Roberts – YAY, Southern Crescent Chapter, Keith Jones – YAY, SPSU Student Chapter, Dewayne Fulton – YAY, and Wiregrass Chapter, Joey Brock – YAY. The bill will be reviewed and updated.
Membership and Chapter Development – Report attached. All members presented were approved. 
Public Relations – Dale Yawn volunteered to chair this committee. 
Monument Protection/Restoration – VACANT.
State Board of Registration – Report attached. Phillip O. Brown attend the meeting 9/14/2010. A proposed rule change for 180-4-02 was adopted; this rule better defines Quality of experience.
Newsletter – Editor Tren Baker is wrapping up the Nov/Dec issue. Joe Baker mentioned the need to mentor a replacement was coming soon. 
Plat & Mapping Contest – Roger Purcell will chair and Joe Baker volunteered to serve. 
Scholarship – Financial Reports attached. Al reported many of our recipients have graduated so applicants were needed.
GPS Standards – VACANT. Discussion regarding changing the committee name to Geodetic Surveying Committee or simply not renewing; standing committees are annual committees and must be re-appointed by the President.
Education Fund – Trent Turk is continuing the process of converting the Education Fund to a Foundation and asked a “Study Committee Appointment” be put on the agenda. Four members are needed; Bobby Shupe, Jim Anderson, and Trent have agreed to serve and develop a mission statement. Don Hutchins volunteered as the fourth and was appointed and approved. Ginger gave him a copy of the Education Foundation proposed bylaws.
Website Management – No report.
Certified Survey Technician – VACANT. Al Vedder will contact Josh Stice regarding continuing as chairman.
Trig Star – Packets are available. Contact Jim Anderson with the surveyor sponsor and school name if you would like a packet.
GIS – Robert Armstrong volunteered to chair. Lonnie Sears is representing SAMSOG on the State GIS Advisory Council whose mission is to standardize database formats so information can be shared among cities, counties, and regions. A request was distributed last month asking surveyors to complete an online questionnaire. PLEASE COMPLETE THE ONLINE SURVEY; this is an opportunity to end filing requirement variations among cities, counties and regions. The current plan is to sell database access subscriptions however; Lonnie will voice SAMSOG’s opposition. The information on database was gathered from surveyors so charging a fee to access it is unfair.
P.E.E.R. – No report.
Chapter Reports – No report from Augusta, Foothills, Northwest, or Piedmont Chapters.  Appalachia Chapter – Continuing work with Bean Creek Historical Society marking and mapping graves; should result in very positive PR for surveyors and their chapter.  Atlanta Chapter – Met jointly last month with Gwinnett. Dan Mahan gave a Power Point presentation about trek to Ellicott’s Mound.   Central Chapter – September meeting was well attended. Next meeting 10/26/10 at 6pm, Fresh Air BBQ; program presented by Pat Harris with Earl Dudley & Associates.   Coastal Chapter – Meet 11 months out of the year, 4th Tuesday. Craig Brewer is the new Chapter Representative. Next meeting’s program will be presented by the SAGIS Director.   Joint Christmas party with the Golden Isles Chapter planned for December.   Etowah Chapter – September meeting focused on legislation. Joe Baker was charged with announcing the Chapter’s support of the 4 Year Degree bill. Also discussed legislation requiring an RLS to work on any publicly funded projects however, since SAMSOG is already pursuing 2 bills during 2011 session, this was not presented for discussion. Golden Isles – Teeple Hill reported meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 11:30am. Chapter members had been asked by City and County Officials to assist in re-writing subdivision regulations; project is complete. Gwinnett Chapter – Although chapter bylaws require meetings the 2nd Tuesday of each month, leadership is needed and the chapter has only met 3 times this year. Ginger reminded Dan minutes from 4 meetings must be turned in by December 31, 2010 to qualify for the membership rebate.  South Central – Meetings held 1st Thursday of every even month in Valdosta. Chapter sponsored a 2 day seminar last month attended by approx. 40 people. Seminar was a financial success and plans are to sponsor a seminar again next year. Southern Crescent – Meet 2nd Tuesday of odd months except January and July. Last meetings discussion was about the economy. Student Chapter – Meeting last month was attended by 22 people. A Texas Hold’em tournament fundraiser will be hosted at the 2011 Tech Seminar. At the next meeting 10/5/10 Dewayne will ask for Tech Seminar volunteers to assist with unloading materials, registration, etc. in exchange for a booth. Wiregrass Chapter – Currently trying to find a meeting date and time to accommodate members. BOR is taking action against an unlicensed surveyor in the area.
NEW BUSINESS: National Professional Surveyors Week is in March. SAMSOG will sponsor lunch during the week for the Georgia Legislators and the capitol.
Meeting adjourned at 11:54 a.m.
Respectfully submitted by Ginger Walker
Approved by Trenholm Baker, Secretary/Treasurer
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