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Board and General Membership Meeting

7/19/2018 » 7/21/2018

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2019 Technical Seminar

2010 July Minutes
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Saturday, July 17, 2010
Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia Island, Florida
PRESENT: Executive Committee: Lonnie Sears, Ed Cowherd, Jim Anderson, Tren Baker, Roger Purcell, and Robert Armstrong.
Directors: John McCleskey, Dan Collins, Dean Olson, Trent Turk, Gary Witherington and Dale Yawn. Excused: Cathy Costarides. Absent: Craig Brewer, Stacy Carroll, and Bobby Shupe.
Chapter Representatives: Eddie Davidson proxy for Dwight Kilby, Josh Lewis, III proxy for John Roeser, Boyce Young proxy for Bert Barrett, Jr., Teeple Hill proxy for Gary Nevill, Dan Mahan, Vonny Blanton, Pat Harris proxy for Kayle Cowherd, Phillip Roberts and Joey Brock. Excused:  Lane Bishop, and Jimmy Green.   Absent:  Alfred Bellew, Tommie Donaldson, Mitch Lowery, and Robert Brooks.
With 21 voting members present, a quorum was declared and the meeting began at 9:00 a.m. 
First time attendees and sister society Presidents, Chuck Dunlap –Virginia and Dale Swygert – South Carolina, gave updates on their respective states. Tim Schram gave a report from the Florida Society of Land Surveyors and NSPS/ACSM Executive Director Curt Sumner addressed NSPS and ACSM separation (see National Representative’s Report).
April 17, 2010 minutes and financial reports were approved. Secretary-Treasurer Tren Baker reminded the membership 2008-2009 fiscal year ended with a shortfall and indicators predict a 2009-2010 shortfall. 
National Representative’s Report: Robert Armstrong reported ALTA 2011 Standards will be finalized in August which includes benefits to surveyors. He introduced Curt Sumner, ACSM/NSPS Executive Director who explained the NSPS and ACSM separation study. Although the NSPS Board voted to begin the separation process and study the action, the motion can be withdrawn if the study warrants. Member feedback is needed and Robert will forward the BOD report explaining the issue for Ginger to eblast to SAMSOG members. Questions and opinions can also be emailed to Robert. Curt also announced an upcoming PBS Special “Spotlight On …” which will feature Surveying. The 5 to 7 minute special is in the final stages of production and each state will be notified when it will air and be provided with a copy of the program. Robert thanked Curt for his attendance.
Annual Meeting – Gary Nevill reported he attended recently visited the DeSoto Hilton in Savannah and was impressed with the facility. The 2011 Annual Meeting and Summer Conference will be July 21st -23rd. Make plans now to attend.
Education – Report insert attached. Jim Conine addressed meeting attendees relative to surveying educational requirements. He suggested an Associate Degree requirement with an emphasis on Math and noted the need for analytical geometry; a degree in Math would not meet the 4 year degree requirement in his opinion.
Interprofessional Cooperation –Report attached. 
Council of Past Presidents – Report attached. A motion was made to destroy the ballots and was unanimously approved.
Legislative Committee – Report attached. Steve Neff reminded the attendees of the July 20th Primary and November General election when Georgia will elect a new governor. 2010 ended the second portion of the 2 year session so all bill will have to be assigned a new number and dropped during 2011 session. The BOR Privatization bill will be the GA Engineers Association focus next year with SAMSOG’s support. Lonnie Sears suggest to incoming President Ed Cowherd the Legislative Committee members continue in their current position. 
Membership and Chapter Development – Report attached. All members presented were approved. Dale Yawn
inquired about starting a Columbus Chapter on behalf of an associate; he will get info to Tom Hurley.
Public Relations – Letter attached. 
Monument Protection/Restoration – Report attached.
State Board of Registration – Report attached. Roger Purcell was thanked for attending the BOR meetings during Hardwick Butler’s absence.
Newsletter – Report attached. Articles and suggestions should be forwarded to Editor Tren Baker.
Plat & Mapping Contest – Report attached. Ed Cowherd stated he had several people willing to serve but a Chairman was needed. Andy Camp, LaGrange, Georgia, expressed an interest in serving on this committee.
Scholarship – Reports attached.
GPS Standards – Report attached. 
Education Fund –Report attached. Trent Turk reminded the membership $10,000 was donated to the Johnny Gaskins Scholarship Fund at SPSU. He reported the paperwork was in place to create a Foundation and 5 people were needed to serve on the board.
Website Management – Look for improvements soon, including an online photo album.
Certified Survey Technician – No report.
Trig Star – Report attached. 1st Place student and teacher awards will be presented tonight at the banquet. Jim reported federal funding for the Trig Star was not approved the National and Georgia program will not be affected.
GIS – Report attached.
P.E.E.R. – Report attached. John McCleskey reported the committee was not fulfilling its originally stated purpose. The BOD was reminded Special Committees dissolved annually unless reappointed by the President.
Chapter Reports – No report from Augusta, Central, Etowah, Foothills, Golden Isles, or SPSU Student Chapter.  Appalachia – Meets 2nd Tuesday every other month. Chapter is involved with the Bean Creek Historical Society marking and mapping graves; should result in very positive PR for surveyors and their chapter.  Atlanta Chapter – 12 – 15 people present at last meeting; will be appointing a new Chapter Rep to replace John Roeser who was selected to complete Dale Yawn’s final year.   Coastal Chapter – Meet monthly; elected new officers at the last meeting. Gwinnett Chapter – No meeting since April; at the next meeting, Dan Mahan will present a power point presentation of his trek to Ellicotts Mound. Northwest Chapter –May meeting program “Laser Scanning” was well attended; Vonny reported the NW corner of the state is in “survival mode”. Piedmont Chapter – Longtime member Max Lewellan passed away. Chapter meets 3rd Thursday of every month. South Central – Meetings held 1st Thursday of every even month. Chapter will be presenting a seminar in October including Minimum Technical Standards. Watch for details from SAMSOG. Southern Crescent – Meeting format is round table discussion; next meeting September 14th at the IHOP in Fayetteville. Wiregrass Chapter – July meeting was moved to August 17th because of the state meeting.
Tim Minors, a title attorney with Old Republic Title Company, is a member of the Georgia Association of Title Attorneys who participates on a coalition with the County Clerks Association to promote working relationships and prevent conflict between the two groups and encouraged SAMSOG to also participate. Many members expressed their frustration with local ordinances and how they many times contradict state law. General consensus of the attendees would be one State
Standard NOT individual counties and municipalities making their own rules and requirements. Mike Holliman is the Advisory/Liaison Committee contact and Steve Neff knows him. If SAMSOG can get representation on the committee some of our issues could be worked out.
Meeting adjourned at 12:07 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Ginger Walker
Approved by Trenholm Baker, Secretary/Treasurer


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